Coated and uncoated, ground and ultrafine precipitated Calcium Carbonates by Omya Idwala SA are basic raw materials in many Adhesives & Sealants. In the past, they used to replace binders for cost reduction. Today, formulations apply Omya Idwala SA Calcium Carbonates for their specific functional performance.

Omya Idwala SA products are capable of modifying rheology, improving bond strength, or reducing water demand. Typical applications of Adhesives & Sealants enhanced by Omya Idwala SA are in Construction, transportation, packaging, tapes, and numerous industrial applications.

In addition to the carbonate products, Omya Idwala SA distributes a wide range of other Specialty Chemicals which are used in Adhesives & Sealants, such as rheological modifiers or additives.

How our lives would be without Adhesive & Sealants

Have a look at the eye-opening video below by FEICA to see how our lives would be without Adhesives & Sealants. FEICA is a multinational association representing the European adhesive and sealant industry.

In addition to our Calcium Carbonate range we also distribute a wide range of other products for this market as per the table below.

Calcium Carbonate Omyabrite 1300X-OM ASP®, Satintone®
Kulubrite Extra, Kulubrite 2, Kulubrite 5, Kulubrite 10, Kulubrite 15, Kulubrite 45. Omyasmart Zero-ANT Rheology Modifiers
Kulucote 2, Kulucote 95T SC PCC 10L, SC PCC 10, SCPCC 20 Cellulose Fibers
Kulu 15, Kulu 40, kulu 200C, Kulu Agrit Omyamatt 100-ME, Omyamatt 75-ME Antifoam and Defaomers
Pyrophylite Hakuenka CC-R, Hakuenka CCR-S10 Cellulose Ethers
Pyrofil, Alsil P, Alsil 100, Alsil 2, Alsil Pro Vigot 10S Redispersible Powders
Omyacoll P100-OG Calcium Formate
Omyabond 520-OM Starch
Minbar Natural Baryte Titanium Dioxide

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