Omya Idwala SA offers solutions for various home care applications.

For surface cleaners, more precisely surface abrasive cleaners Omya Idwala SA offers a whole range of tailored calcium carbonate and dolomite mineral cleaning particles – Omyaclean for this application. Excellent cleaning performance is key, but without damaging the surface. Omya Idwala SA knows how to formulate efficient liquid mineral surface cleaners that remain stable over the shelf life and provide excellent cleaning performances.

Omyaclean are natural calcium carbonate and dolomite products that are tailor-made for the needs of the home care industry. These products are highly valued because of their gentle surface cleaning properties. Omyaclean calcium carbonates and dolomites are environmentally friendly. Low-dusting grades for powder cleaners are also part of the Omyaclean portfolio.

Similarly, in dishwashing pastes, Omya Idwala SA’s minerals act as abrasive promoting soil removal during manual dishwashing without damaging the surfaces. Omya Idwala SA knows which particles are most suitable for delicate ceramics.

In laundry powders Omya Idwala SA’s minerals are mainly used as carrier and bulking agent. As bulking agent, our minerals providing volume and bulk that make dosing easier for final consumers. Moreover, Omya Idwala SA’s minerals are used in encapsulating and granulating laundry actives. Providing again easier dosing, but also protecting actives such as enzymes during storage from degradation.

In laundry bars Omya Idwala SA’s minerals are again used to provide enhanced cleaning and abrasion. Laundry bars are meant to clean fabrics manually. Omya Idwala SA’s minerals help as insoluble particles to rub out soil from fabrics but in addition increase the foaminess of the detergent laundry bar, enhancing also in this regard the cleaning efficiency.

In air fresheners, Omya Idwala SA offers minerals with various porosities to meet formulators demands for efficient fragrance and scent release. Scents or fragrances Highly porous mineral species allow for excellent sorption of scents, fragrances or other liquid actives.

Calcium Carbonate
Kulubrite 5, Kulubrite 10, Kulubrite 15
Kulu 15, Kulu 40, Kulu 200C

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