Omya Idwala SA Calcium Carbonates act as functional additives to provide the desired membrane properties in breathable film. Our advanced mineral processing technologies help to control, the challenging process including compounding, film extrusion and further processing.

Breathable films are generated by cast or blown film, followed by stretching. Calcium Carbonate initiates the formation of uniform cavities providing membrane properties. Such films provide a cost-effective solution for moisture control in many applications such as baby diaper back-sheets, feminine hygiene, adult incontinence, roofing, house wrap and surgical gowns. This requires high quality and well-defined Calcium Carbonates which Omya Idwala SA provides as Omyafilm® products.

Omyafilm® Calcium Carbonates for breathable films are tailor-made grades, especially developed and produced for this application. The superior treatment technologies provide optimal dispersion, excellent thermal stability and perfect hydrophobicity. Well-controlled particle size distribution and excellent coating properties lead to improved process control, low defect rates and balanced membrane properties. This supports the movement to lower grammage.

The size of the Calcium Carbonate particles are crucial to achieve an optimal pore structure and hence control the breathability and ensure good mechanical properties. The particle size distribution for Omyafilm® is therefore carefully engineered. A narrow diameter guarantees an optical cavitation effect resulting in high water vapor transmission rates.

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