Omya Idwala SA Calcium Carbonates are used in numerous PVC and PO pipe applications. Our range of coated products offers an excellent dispersion in the polymer and allows high mineral loadings. This is the preferred solution to achieve substantial material cost savings.

Omya Idwala SA offers a large portfolio, ranging from established qualities to innovative ultrafine, treated grades that provide top-level optical and mechanical benefits and an excellent cost-performance ratio for high-quality PVC profiles.

Our natural Calcium Carbonates have been indispensable ingredients in PVC window profile formulations for decades. In particular, they increase the profiles’ stiffness and improve their impact strength. The higher stiffness allows to reduce the wall thickness and therefore leads to material savings. Omya Idwala SA Calcium Carbonates also provide substantial benefits in processing: melt strength is increased and the high thermal conductivity of the mineral shortens cooling time which in turn leads to higher output.

Our new Hydrocarb XP has been developed specifically for the PVC profile industry. The new quality allows to significantly increase the mineral loading in window profiles without reducing gloss. The proprietary manufacturing process of Hydrocarb XP creates a new generation of Omya Idwala SA Calcium Carbonates with outstanding dispersion performance, resulting in superior surface finish and high impact values.

For our customers we are continuously developing and implementing innovative solutions to enhance processes and improve properties of numerous polymer applications. As a consequence, Omya Idwala SA is now presenting a novel technology called Direct Addition to allow higher Calcium Carbonate addition levels in applications such as pipes technical profiles and foam applications.

In addition to our Calcium Carbonate range we also distribute a wide range of other products for this market as per the table below.

Calcium Carbonate Omyafilm 756XP-KP Satintone®, Translink®
Kulubrite Extra, Kulubrite 2, Kulubrite 5, Kulubrite 10, Kulubrite 15, Kulubrite 45. Omyafiber 800-KP Cellulose Fibers
Kulucote 2, Kulucote F707, Kulucote 95T Hydrocarb XP-OG Elastomers
Kulu 15, Kulu 40, kulu 200C, Kulu Agrit Brucite Flame Retardant
Pyrophylite Zinflam
Pyrofil, Alsil P, Alsil 100, Alsil 2, Alsil VRE Engineering Polymers
Titanium Dioxide

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