In thermoset systems, Omya Idwala SA Calcium Carbonates benefit in particular unsaturated polyester resins (UP) in bulk or sheet molding compounds (BMC /SMC) where calcium carbonate levels are usually very high.

A high level of Omya Idwala SA Calcium Carbonates in thermoset resins allows substantial cost savings and improves significantly the mechanical properties like shrinkage and dimensional stability. Other thermoset systems such as epoxy or melamine resins also achieve cost and performance benefits from using our products.

Our technical specialists support producers to select the appropriate type of Calcium Carbonate to optimize paste viscosity during processing while taking into consideration the packing density effect at very high loadings. For applications requiring an ultra-smooth surface such as “Class A” in the automotive, there is a broad range of high-quality fine grades.

In addition to our Calcium Carbonate range we also distribute a wide range of other products for this market as per the table below.

Calcium Carbonate Omyafilm 756XP-KP ASP®, Satintone®, Translink®
Kulubrite Extra, Kulubrite 2, Kulubrite 5, Kulubrite 10, Kulubrite 15, Kulubrite 45. Omyafiber 800-KP Cellulose Fibers
Kulucote 2, Kulucote F707, Kulucote 95T Hydrocarb XP-OG Elastomers
Kulu 15, Kulu 40, kulu 200C, Kulu Agrit Brucite Flame Retardant
Pyrophylite Zinflam
Pyrofil, Alsil P, Alsil 100, Alsil 2, Alsil VRE Engineering Polymers
Titanium Dioxide

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