Omya Idwala SA’s portfolio of calcium carbonate-based products is helping our customers to reduce operating cost, meeting their stringent regulatory requirements and to increase the efficiency of their processes.

As a natural product, calcium carbonate is the perfect solution for Water, Air, Mining and Oil & Gas applications. It is used in water treatment to regulate pH, to improve the dewatering process, to mineralize water and to protect the valuable equipment of our customers from corrosion. In air treatment it converts sulphur dioxide within the flue gas desulphurization (FGD) process into recyclable gypsum. It prevents coal-dust explosions in underground coal mining and plays an essential role as weighting and bridging agent in drilling muds for the Oil & Gas market. Enhanced by Omya Idwala SA – calcium carbonate is an all-natural, sustainable and versatile product with a beneficial carbon footprint.

Omya Idwala SA complements its portfolio with selected industrial minerals, specialty chemicals and value-added process solutions such as the Omya Advanced Remineralization Process (OARP).

Calcium Carbonate Omyaqua
Kulubrite 5, Kulubrite 10, Kulubrite 15, Kulubrite 45. Omyadrill
Omya Optical
Kulu 15, Kulu 40, kulu 200C Neutrasorb

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